From Freelancer to Fulfilled!

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A warning ahead of time… I don’t really edit the blog as just a resourceful outlet of bytes of news. I also want all of our readers to get an honest account of where we came from until where we find ourselves now. So excuse the casual and personal narrative.

At times, it seems like ages ago that we were sitting at a 5ft desk together bidding, searching, and replying to every post we could find. The country was in the toilet economically and jobs didn’t come easily…especially if you move somewhere 500 miles away from everything you know! Yes…yes we did absolutely that.  We picked up and moved to Ohio. We found our first two customers there.  Both are still customers today!

We continued to freelance for about 8 years. We had a VERY tiny client list…just enough to pay the bills. After bouncing around living in a few metro areas, he found a job right in his hometown! It wasn’t until coming to Mobile, Alabama and the Gulf Coast that we were able to really dig in.

This helped solidify a true foundation for a small business. Working independently, we were able to create something strong and lasting.  We now have over 22 years experience together and that has made the foundation even stronger!

This is the condensed version (i’m sure I will rant about something else soon…)

Honestly, I have found myself in this head space of growing the business for quite some time. We hope to achieve even more in the future with the help of the great clients that trust us everyday! We are nothing without them  –  \m/ we salute you!

So fulfilled is a good word right now. We know there are grand things on the horizon and at every turn. We look forward to continuing to grow and helping others grow as we have!

It took a lot of Hot Pockets, Mt. Dew/Dr. Pepper/Long Nights/Longer Days/Hardwork/Teamwork/Pure Blood and Tears for us to get here and we wouldn’t change a thing…

Here’s to bigger and better! O.o